In the autumn wind, above the city noise, a conversation of two… After a goodbye kiss, sweetness on my cheek… and suddenly only a long empty path between the leafless trees… Feigning smile, I sense how the colour of loneliness deepens inside of me… Like the tide to and fro, with each inhalation, waves of emptiness crash against my heart… In the wintry darkness, the snow melts and slowly life reappears… clearing clouds at dusk… smell and taste of coffee in the morning mist… a cherished voice in my ears, the feel of trust and sharing again, remembrance of simple but pure pleasures … remembrance of life...

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parenthèse changer signifie pour moi parfois penser dans
une autre langue... une sorte de petite grotte
dans laquelle je me réfugie quand tout ne tourne
pas toujours rond... une porte de secours en somme...

Écrit par : crysalidea | 29/11/2005

In the empty path... May the ditch of emptiness wich lurks in the furrows of your soul, be forever filled by the intrinsic hope that lies in the feverish cavities of your heart.
Changing the language as a glowing door of escape, as a blessed orchid in a scentless garden, but the core of the message remains printed with the colours of loneliness.
Remembrance is a what remains when nothing remains(dixit "moonstone"), remembrance is a hidden treasure thaht must never be underestimated, it's the fragrance of life.
Many pious kisses to you I send some revogorating thunder for I don't want to see you beautifull wings freezing
Good night butterfly

Écrit par : Banur | 30/11/2005

Remembrance may erase the sorrow of your heart by the sweetness of the souvenirs. "I used to think, as birds take wing, they sing through life, so why can't we?" ("I'll take the rain" - R.E.M.). Who would take your remembrance away? Nobody. Remembrance is what lies beneath your skin but I hope that you don't live only in remembrance. You have some dreams et I'm sure you want them to come true.
Have a nice day Butterfly, kisses

Écrit par : Kardream | 30/11/2005

bravo ma puce! ça me fais plaisir d'entre ma langue.... très shakepirient... gros kissous... et mets remerciements.. ta cocoli

Écrit par : cocoli | 30/11/2005

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